3 Hours

Rafting on a mountain river on an inflatable raft is not only fun and fun. You will have the opportunity to try your hand and compete with the elements. This is an opportunity to develop a corporate spirit and ability to work in a team, to support a teammate and develop their physical abilities. Rafting is also a sea of ​​positive energy and a charge of energy for a long time. One who will experience this on his own, will never be able to give up such pleasure. Rafting on mountain rivers on inflatable six and eight-local rafts. Suitable for couples, large groups and corporate events. Alloys can be made three times a day. The duration of the descent is three hours with a distance of eleven kilometers.

Additional Information:

We also offer services of a professional photographer, who will capture all the brightest moments of your walk.

High adrenaline, positive emotions, upscale instructors, adventures and new friends are guaranteed !!

The price is 45 € per person, with the order of at least two people.

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