2-5 hours

As you know, the best rest is a change in the type of activity. For people who spend most of their time in offices, there is nothing better than changing mental work to physical activity. However, do not be mistaken, considering that developed steel muscles are enough to conquer the tops. Scalping requires constant attention and solving of various tasks, to move up to the top of the next peak. Climbing is not necessarily risky and extreme. Everyone here has the opportunity to choose for himself the load, style and rhythm, depending on the state of health, physical fitness and just the mood.
We are trained how to correctly and safely make the cable harness, make the right knots, how to climb and descend the rocks, using special equipment. Mountaineering is conducted in the natural mountains in the clear air among the mountains.

Additional Information:

The price includes: transfer, equipment, instruction with an experienced trainer, training.

The price does not include special insurance!

We also offer services of a professional photographer, who will capture all the brightest moments.

High adrenaline is guaranteed !!!

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