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The cave is located in the Buinov gorge of the Rhodope Mountains. The length of the galleries is 8501 m, it ranks fourth in this indicator in Bulgaria and the first in the Rhodope massif. The temperature in it is 6-8 ° C year-round, the humidity is above 90%. In the cave there are only 3 tiers, but only the lowest one is equipped. Tourist routes pass through the artificially made entrance and exit. The natural entrance is one kilometer downstream, there was discovered the dwelling of the primitive man, the Eneolithic era – ceramic vessels, tools, ceramic stove and much more. Now the entrance is turned into a museum.

The hall where the walk begins is called „New Year’s“, is popular with local cave explorers and their guests, here they celebrate the New Year decorating the hall with a real decorated tree, which has been standing for many years and does not dry. Next comes the „Ritual Hall“ for couples of adventurers who do not like banal wedding ceremonies. Inside the cave are many beautiful and unique cave formations, some of them are naturally painted – „leopard skin“, draperies, stone roses, real corals and even cave pearls.

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The price includes – an experienced guide, transport, entrance and tour guide.
The price is 45 € per person, with the order of at least two people.

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